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an all movie last icon maker standing community

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community info.

welcome to film_lims which stands for Films Last Icon-Maker Standing. Yes this is an icon challenge featuring movies, all movies. All you have to do is sign up, we will provode you with a photo from the movie chosen, you enter with an icon. Voting will then take place, and the least popular will be knocked out of the competition. This will happen until there is only one peron left, leaving them to be the Last Icon-Maker Standing.


1. Sign-up before the contest date, which is TO BE DECIDED [sign-up post]. I will not be accepting participates after this date, you can still join the community and vote. The next challenge will start shortly [it really depends on how many members participate]

2. Challenges will begin the day after the said date, and you will have two weeks to enter your icon(s) after you have signed up. Voting will then take place for two or three days after. You must participate in each round until you are voted off or you will be disqualified.

3. Vote for your least favorite icon and give a specific reason as to why it is your least favorite, such as: 'the icon is over sharpened,' or, 'bad choice of text'. The number of people voted out during each round will depend on how many people we have participating in the challenges.

4. You can use anything you want to prettify your icons such as text and brushes but please don't blend the pictures we provide, unless otherwise stated in the round.

5. Don't post your entries anywhere else until the voting process is complete.

6. If you cannot handle rejection, do not sign up. We expect all of our competitors to be mature about the contest, win or lose. Good luck, and please have fun!

7. When signing up please put in this secret phrase: "please pass the popcorn." somewhere in your comment! =) This way I know if you have read the rules or not.

submitting your icon.

you should be on the participant list to submit an icon. also make sure your icon is hosted to a liable image host. when you submit your icon it should look like this:


outline of when the challenges will be posted.

Yes it takes a while sometimes to get through a LIMS contest, but I've found it's easier to let the participates have two weeks to get their icons in. So this is how it will go:

* On Sunday challenge will be posted, you will have two weeks from said Sunday to get your icon in.
* On Monday following the deadline date, voting will be posted. voting will be up for 3 days.
* On Thursday voting results will be posted. This is when you ask for your comments, banners will be posted soon after.
* On Sunday the process will start all over again.

This may change depending on how quick everyone is with getting in their entries etc. So I may be able to post voting early and all that. So you should friend the community and watch out for updates.


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